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From Indymedia to Wikileaks

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So the presence of these strange new extra-journalistic news objects isn’t all that new. New “quasi-sources” have been hacking journalistic workflow for years. What’s new is the scale of the evidence that’s now bombarding journalism. The question of how to manage reader-submitted photos is a qualitatively different question than the dilemma of how to manage hundreds of thousands of leaked cables being provided by an information-transparency organization whose ultimate motives and values are unclear. Think of the State Department cables as a massive pile of crowdsourced evidence — only in this case the “crowd” is the U.S. diplomatic corps, and the first work of document collection and analysis has been done by an outside organization.

Por Paulo Querido

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Sou um geek com 35 anos, trabalho há mais de meia vida na Internet. Atualmente sou administrador de sistemas na área de webhosting e segurança informática, trabalho também com escrita criativa para marketing digital e mais umas coisas em modo workaholic. Defensor dos direitos digitais.

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