Welcome to @OpTwitterStorm

For obvious reasons, @Libya is a very popular topic on Twitter atm.
Twitter is an amazing tool for a lot of things, one of which is recruiting.
If we can get @Anonymous and @OpLibya to trend alongside @Libya, it will lead to more people becoming aware of what Anonymous is, what we do, and why we do it.
Twitter is something we should utilize as much as possible.
The objective for Operation TwitterStorm is simple, recruit as many people as possible by flooding Twitter as much as possible.
No spamming, tweet useful information which is going to be of use to people, make sure you include #Anonymous #OpLibya and #Libya in your tweets.
If each and every Anon tweets a message, and we retweet each others messages, we can create a never-ending “chain” of thousands of Tweets.
As long as there is one person active, the chain can never be broken.
Get Tweeting + Retweeting
-> Link to websites. Websites stick, and it’s a place for people to return to with minimal effort (you can use for example anonops.ru as a gateway to the IRC… it’s much more attractive for people to bookmark the site than to directly install an IRC client).
-> Spread the AnonOps client as well ( http://www.anonnews.org/anonops ), it will get people to @opnewblood in one click, from where they can be redirected to other potentially interesting channels (maybe set up an entrymsg notifying people of other interesting channels and a few commands that can be used to request help from Effexor?) or link them to : http://tinyurl.com/join-anon